Protection From Abuse Order

Victims of sexual violence and intimidation in PA increasingly turning to new protective orders

Pennsylvanians are increasingly turning to a two-year-old Pennsylvania law that expanded protective orders for victims of sexual violence and intimidation, and state lawmakers are debating whether to make additional improvements to the system.

The Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act that went into effect in July 2015 created two new types of orders beyond¬†“protection from abuse” orders¬†, widely referred to as PFAs, that have long been available to restrict contact from an intimate partner or a family member.

The new legal mechanisms are protection-from-intimidation orders, designed to help children who are being harassed or stalked by non-family members who are adults, and sexual violence protection orders, for victims of sexual violence whose attackers are not family members or dating partners but strangers, friends, acquaintances and the like.

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